ESA and The Hague Street Art teamed up for a unique crossover project between street art and space travel.

On 18 May 2018, 12 street artists from across Europe competed to create their own masterpiece on a square canvas using ‘space’ as inspiration at Space Expo in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. Two participants were picked from a selection of wild card entries.

A three-member jury, together with voting by the public, will select which artist created the very best artwork within the deadline of one day.

The selected artist will win a seat on a parabolic flight and become the first street artist to sign a piece of art in microgravity.

During three-hour flights, ESA runs experiments on a rollercoaster aircraft that offers 20 seconds of zero gravity at the top of the apex as it flies up and down at 45° angles.

See the final 12 products here .
Voting closed 1st June 2018.