If you have any questions or if you are interested in a commissioned art work or  a collaborative art project please contact me here. If you scroll down there is more info on commissions and workshops.


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Large scale art work

Commissions have included.
Facebook, indeed, Retail in motion, The European Space Agency, Dublin City Council, Blackrock Castle Observatory, Portlaoise Council, Cork City Council, The Walls Project and various community groups in the Dublin area.

Community based projects

Working with communities on large scale art projects and stencil classes that also help engage young people in street art and story telling.

Events and promotions

Street art live painting:
European Space Agency living Planet Symposium, Milan 2019.
International Space University Stencil classes, Strasbourg France 2019.
Graffiti without Gravity Street Art competition De Hague, Holland 2018.


VR graffiti –  3d Painting – 3d Sculpting – 3d Modeling – 3d Animation


Guest speaking


Space Careers Roadshow
Art, science and careers in creative technology and storytelling
wBlackrock Castle Observatory and Science Foundation Ireland

Galway University Nov 20th 2019
Limerick University September 2019
The Helix Dublin City universality

Carlow Arts Festival 2019 with Virtual Reality Ireland
-Demonstration and workshops

ISSSD Irish Society of Stage and Screen Designers 
-Virtual reality. Tools the future. The Abbey Theater, 2018

Virtual Reality Community Ireland  
-Virtual reality. Tools of the future. Film Base
Coder Dojo
VR Art demonstration and workshops

Workshops can depend on group, project and goals. A typical class with tilt brush might include:

Part 1 Concept to film

  • Introduction to VR. pixel, voxel, and mesh
  • Picking the right tools
  • Working in 360 environment
  • Using tools and learning menus
  • Understanding space, size, objects and distance. (Physical in VR)
  • Understanding asset management and file handling (Technical)
  • Building a narrative and a workflow
  • Concept, design and working efficiently
  • Recording the file, 2d – photo, giff, video 2d, video 360
  • Exporting the file, 3d (animation, film compositing, game design, VR and AR)

Part 2 working in 2d and 3d

  • Importing to Blender 3d (for animation and game development).
  • Animation with Adobe Mixamo
  • Importing to Unity  (for animation, game design, augmented reality and VR)

Working in 2D film and video.

  • Video editing basics with Black Magic resolve/ Avid/ Final cut/ Adobe Premiere / After fx.

Photo editing and illustration for print  and web media.

  • Editing: Gimp, Photoshop
  • Illustration (2d) Autodesk sketchbook, Paint Storm, Kirta, Gimp, Inkscape, Affinity, Photoshop.