Shane’s work has included a wide variety of media but he is best known for his SPACER street art and oil paintings. His work has included graphic design, motion graphics and film making and storytelling.

Shane’s Spacer arts works developed as a commentary while working a selection of oil paintings depicting spacemen. The title of the work was ‘That space in between’ and would be described as ‘that moment after you leave but before you get there’. These paintings would later develop into a street art and stencil project through the artist interests in traditional painting and creative technology.
In 2019 he was awarded an art residency with the European Space Agency where he collaborated with scientists from the space agencies UK climate office. The final artworks were commentaries on climate awareness and were showcased at the Living Planet Symposium in Milan 2019.
On March 2st (2019) he became the first street artist to sign work in weightlessness on a zero Gravity flight after winning the 2018 ‘Graffiti Without Gravity’ Street art competition with the The Hague Street Art and the European Space Agency Holland.

Film projects have been an important part to his earlier work and has included short film and feature film projects. In 2009 he was awarded a nomination as best editor 2009 at the Irish Film and Television Awards (IFTA) for a feature film in which he also co directed. The Good Dog Films documentary ‘Fight or Flight’ won 9 national and international film festival awards. Shane was a Berlin Film Festival Alumni in 2009 and returned to Berlin to screen the Hard Hob Live Cinema project at the film festival opening in 2017.


Currently working as the Artist in residence for Blackrock Castle Observatory in Cork and volunteers with Irish NGO and charity The Scoop Foundation and has been working on the ground in the IDP camps with Kurdish people in Iraq on the Turkey/Syrian border.
Since 2017, SCOOP have been working at Bajed Kandala IDP camp in Iraq supporting a mental health program (largely for women and kids returning from IS captivity) where we also developed an art participation program led by Shane.
In November 2019 They returned to the camp to develop SCOOP IT – an innovative online learning pilot program that is designed to create opportunities for 11-17 year old’s in the camp so they can acquire practical skills, knowledge and experience that will empower and equip them for life outside the camp, but also to give them tools and techniques for creative play and activity while inside camp. 

Shane lives and works in Dublin, Ireland.