Shane is a passionate and innovative artist with a strong interest in multiple disciplines such as traditional painting, film-making, and street art. With a diverse range of talents that span across various mediums, including street art, graphic design, motion graphics, independent film, product design, and illustration. Currently, his focus is on street, canvas, and digital art, with much of it explored through his street art persona SPACER. Through SPACER, he explores the intersection of art and technology, creating technically resonant works that delve into themes and ideas in innovative and unexpected ways

Some of Shane’s most notable achievements include an art residency with the European Space Agency (ESA UK), where he exhibited at the Living Planet Symposium in Milan. Additionally, he won the Graffiti without Gravity street art competition with the ESA in Holland and signed the winning art work in zero gravity.

In addition to his work as a painter, Shane has also made significant contributions to film, winning several awards at international film festivals and earning a nomination for best editing at the Irish Film and Television Awards.

Shane’s body of work is a testament to his dedication to his craft, with his pieces ranging from explorations of the impact of technology on our lives to recent works that delve into themes through the street art genre. His art is always developed through exploration and is thought-provoking in its nature, processes, and its development

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