The SPACER / SPACE-AR project began as stencil art and street art project, and has since evolved into a dynamic exploration of the creative possibilities that emerge from exploring cutting-edge tools and techniques. At its core is the SPACER character, a symbol of the project’s origins and its ongoing evolution.

From these beginnings, the SPACER character has been a guiding force, inspiring new experiments and discoveries in both my traditional painting and my digital art. The project has always been about pushing my boundaries with artistic expression, finding new and exciting ways to tell stories and engage with audiences through the use of new creative tools and techniques.

As the project has grown and expanded, it has incorporated an ever-widening array of creative tools and technologies, including AR, VR, and digital video. But through it all, the SPACER character has remained a constant presence, a reminder of the project’s roots. its also a fun way to play with my work and ideas.




Use this QR code to access the instagram filter. When it opens hold it over the image.
You can rotate your phone around the image to see the 3d effect.
(You can record and take photos like you would in insta stories).


Street, Print and Digtial & AR


Virtual paintign and 4K Video


Digital Display Loop
Shane Sutton Art
Fine Art Prints

Limited Edition

Spacer prints / Archival pigment print on Hahnemühle fine art fibre based matt paper