Born in Dublin, Ireland,in Shane’s early career he worked as a freelance illustrator and graphic artist but would soon move to motion design, animation and editing. In Sydney Australia 2001 he changed illustration for oil and started to really investigate his painting. Moving between both technical and traditional visual arts the artist has established a particular style and consistency while working with a wide range of mediums. The self taught artist and film editor manages to categorize his work with various styles of interesting compositions though painting, filmmaking, virtual reality and street art.

The artist’s oil work has appeared in articles in the The Times Sunday Business Post and other Irish press including Ireland’s Tattler magazine (listed as an artist to watch) and in the Evening Heralds, ‘rising star’ article in Dubliner magazine.
In Berlin he featured in the  literary publication The Sand Journal,  IKONO TV,  and ART CONNECT, Berlin’s largest art community website for his astronaut oil paintings.  He also attended Berin Film Festival, originaly invited as Almuni to the The Berlin Talent Campus and later showcase his artwork at a live screening at the festival in 2017. 

Shane is currently working in dublin having completed a recent art residency for the European Space Agency in the UK in 2019 and was also the first artist to sign work in zero gravity with the European Space Aagency in Holland 2018. 

You can read a little more about spacer projects here.

On returning from Austraila  he would also learn about filmaking while working as freelance editor for broadcast media companies in the city. Eventually,  deciding for something different he left for Thailand to be the lead photographer,  co director and editor for the documentary feature film, Fight or Flight. The film would go on to win several international film festivals and earn a nomination for best editing at the Irish Film and Telivison awards in 2009.

Between 2005 and 2010 Shane worked as an artist facilitator for various joint community and social research projects where he designed workshops for young people interested in arts and film making. Projects included an Artist in Residence in The BASE in Ballyfermot partnered with the National Education Board, National Youth Council and Dublin City Council.  Other groups inclued The Young Peoples Advocate (Y.A.P.) Partnered with Cork University and The Ombudsman for Childrensoffice. 

In November 2018 Shane traveled to Kurdistan in Northern Iraq to work with The Scoop Foundation and Syrias Vibes. The aim of the workshops is build a self sufficiant arts program in the camps for the young people living there. He is currently working with SCOOP on developing the project further. 

Fight or Flight is a feature documentary that explores an Irish man’s physical and psychological journey through the art and culture of Muay Thai Boxing in Thailand.

Nominated for Best Editing, Fight or Flight at IFTA (Irish Film and Television Awards) 2009
Winner: Best Foreign Documentary – Long Island Film Festival, New York (2008)
Winner: Best Documentary: Radar Hamburg International Film Festival (2008)
Winner: Best Documentary for Artistic Expression: TVIFF Film Festival California (2008)
Winner: Best Documentary “Making a Difference Award” : Commffest Toronto (2008)
Best Feature Films Showcase: Moving Images Film Festival (2008)
Nominated for MAMA Awards: MAMA Awards Ireland (2008)
Nominated for Best Documentary: BIFF Wisconsin (2008)