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This was a tough one for me but  I enjoyed it a lot. This was a small project working with the Residents Association at Richmond Cottages in Summer hill Dublin 1. We chatted for a few weeks about what we could do for the commission. It was decided and agreed by the residents to do this picture of Irish Writer Brendan Bhean.

Its been quite some time since I painted a portrait and Ive never painted on of this scale.
Measuring approx 9×6 Meters High.
It took me a while to get the face I wanted or was happy with. Ots of frustration over the few days but I was happy in the end. I owe a huge thanks to Brian the house owner and the man who organised the scaffolding, allowing me those extra few days.

Also a big thanks to Mick Raferty and the local residents association. Lastly I owe Tommy a big thanks. He was helping me out and cracking jokes for the duration.

This was fun. Im looking forward to another opportunity for a large one like this.

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Richmond Cottages, Summer Hill Dublin 1. 
9Q52+53 Dublin, County Dublin




Lights, reflections and cities in motion. Urban landscapes were inspired by Jefreysmart and Richard estes and would strart a passion for learning to paint and love for the colours in oils.  From Sydney to Thailand these paintings could be considered early studies for more maticulas work in later paintings. 

Seidler Reflection 80x100cm

EITHER WAY 100x80cm
9 TO 5 100x80cm
NEXT 100x70cm
KEY 100x80cm
REVOLVER 100x80cm
OTHER WAY 100x70cm




Earlier this year I worked on a great project with the residents of Bayside in Dublin. The project was designed by the locals of Bayside community residents and Baldoyle residents along side Iarnród Éireann. The site chosen was the tunnel under the DART station that connects each of the resident groups.

From the residents assc:
The decision to engage a street artist to paint the underpass was based on the fact that this important link between Bayside and Baldoyle was in need of a facelift. The climate change theme is fitting because the underpass provides an important off-road ‘green’ link for walkers and cyclists from both communities who wish to access the UNESCO-designated Dublin Bay Biosphere areas such as Bull Island and Baldoyle Estuary.

Bayside Community Association is grateful to Fingal County Council for the Arts grant which has made this project possible. The project is a cross community one with Baldoyle Tidy Towns. The two community groups are grateful to Iarnród Éireann for permission to paint the underpass and to Pobalscoil Neasáin and Trackside Tennis Club for their valuable cooperation.

facebook: bayside community association

As part of the project we also worked with transition year students on a few stencil class. This was just teaching the basics on how to make stencils and also to get the students to think of compositions for other paintings.

The art work for the tunnel was to be based on climate change and after talking with the residents and students we decided to recreate some of the European Space Agency Project I worked on earlier in the year. For the ESA climate project (you can see here) I produced a number of stencil on canvas paintings for the UK climate office for the living planet symposium in Milan. Each of the paintings reflected various topics collected on satellite climate data. The role of the climate office aims to increase the use of European, and global, satellite-based Earth Observation data by the climate science and modelling community.

The office oversees a research programme that exploits archived and emerging satellite observations to develop long-term, global data records that describe the evolution of key components of the Earth system, known as Essential Climate Variables (ECVs) including land cover, land surface temperature, soil moisture, fire, biomass, lakes, permafrost, snow, glaciers, ice sheets (Antarctica and Greenland), sea ice, sea level, sea state, sea surface salinity, ocean colour, sea surface temperature, greenhouse gases, water vapour, ozone, aerosol, and cloud

The students will use some of these images to recreate their own works and expand on the idea of climate awareness and climate change later in 2020. you can follow me on social media or the bayside residents association.

Bayside residents association: