SPACER @ Waterford Walls Street Art Festival 2019

Waterford Walls Street Art Festival 2019

Another great time at this years Waterford Walls Street art Festival. They pulled off another great even this year with some amazing artists from around the globe.

A massive thanks to Edel and Gabe Mj, and volunteers for all the help and assistance in giving me a spot, Getting me a wall and anything I needed while painting. Also a big thanks to Steve for helping with the Scaffolding and the lifts. Another big thanks to Waterford County Council who have been supporting this event for the past 6 years. If you want to see some of the best street art in the country head down to Waterford and check out the street art tour.

This year I had a gable house end on the corner of Morrisons road and Silevekeale Road which is opposite Norris’s Bar at the end of Barrik Street.

This years Spacer had a few little bits I had to work with including a satellite dish and an electrical box. Originally I was going to do a moon-buggy for the dish and maybe a robot or Hall . After doing up the sketches and on the way down I was thinking of 50 years on the moon why not a tellie? ….

For more info on artists at this years festival and walking tours you can check