This was a great little project to be involved in. This artwork was one of a number of street art pieces around the city over the last months. The works are aimed at highlighting a more play inclusive city.

Play n the city is a group in Dublin that want to create a more playful, engaging & inclusive city. Launching in 2017 the project works in number of areas if design that will enhance any city and work with the children’s right to play.

From the website:
‘Last year was the 25th anniversary of Ireland ratifying The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Luckily for us all, Article 31 of the UNCRC protects and recognises the Right to Play. So working with the super team at the Ombudsman for Children’s Office we wanted to do something a little different that spoke to both young and old.. we brought together some of Dublin’s best street artists and poets and launched a street art campaign around our fair city to brighten your day and highlight the right of the child to play.

Also working on the project providing the poem was word smith, Stephen James Smith and the  lettering was designed by Cormac from Mack Signs.

You can get involved and make an area in your city to be more play inclusive. Contact the guys at aPlafulCity for more information.
@mack_sign_painting on instagram :