The Quest for a real hard hob is a live cinema experience. Its an independent feature film written by Andy Millington with live score by Andy and Dave Fitzgerald. The live Cinema includes a stylized animated film and features a live cinematic score written and performed live by Andy Millington (Vocal and drums) and Dave Fitzgerald / Senator (Vocal and electronic music production).


Set in the future, the film is about robots surviving in a decayed and destroyed Berlin after the human race has gone. We follow our main characters Deco 4 and EDU as they search the desolate landscape for survivors and try to discover a way for them to survive. Our protagonist, The Shadow is shaped by a dark cloud of energy eternally searching the city for the remaining robots so that he can drag them back to his prison and drain them for more power.

Andy has written a film that shows us an ugly future and makes us realise that we need to think of sustainable solutions in how we live together on this small planet. Its a remarkable project that has taken a number of years to develop. The animation features a mix of photography, traditional drawing and 3D modelling all mixed together in a final composition of mood and atmosphere deliverd though a powerfull musical score.

Showcasing in Berlin Film Festival 2018.

The Film has been in production for a number of years and now finally the guys are getting to show it to the world and have attended their first of a number of festivals throughout 2018.

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