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This was a tough one for me but  I enjoyed it a lot. This was a small project working with the Residents Association at Richmond Cottages in Summer hill Dublin 1. We chatted for a few weeks about what we could do for the commission. It was decided and agreed by the residents to do this picture of Irish Writer Brendan Bhean.

Its been quite some time since I painted a portrait and Ive never painted on of this scale.
Measuring approx 9×6 Meters High.
It took me a while to get the face I wanted or was happy with. Ots of frustration over the few days but I was happy in the end. I owe a huge thanks to Brian the house owner and the man who organised the scaffolding, allowing me those extra few days.

Also a big thanks to Mick Raferty and the local residents association. Lastly I owe Tommy a big thanks. He was helping me out and cracking jokes for the duration.

This was fun. Im looking forward to another opportunity for a large one like this.

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Richmond Cottages, Summer Hill Dublin 1. 
9Q52+53 Dublin, County Dublin