Exploring the world of 3d and virtual reality

[Part of Isolation Art Project 2020]


Hands on, fast and efficient. A little bit of playing around with these tools and the possibilities are endless.
On a practical level VR is incredibly fast and has effective results with limitless potential.  Youtube made film makers, Instagram made photographers. VR will change the game for illustrator’s, storyteller’s, designer’s, animator’s, architects, landscaper’s, interior designer’s, set designer’s…..the list goes on.
For my project I am working in VR and making 2d content for today. With Google Tilt Brush I’m exploring concept design, painting, sculpting, dynamic story boarding, animation and film making.



This scene was a bit of and experiment and trying to figure out  distance, shapes and lights in the space your working in.
The room or space can be as big as you want it to be so it can be difficult to be aware of how big or small to work to. Also, a plan helps. For this test I started at the edges and worked my way in to the center.  You can explore the vr file on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop.   Please see the controls  to navigate on screen or with a mouse.

Discovering the workflow

  • Picking the right tools
  • Working in 360 environment
  • Using tools and learning menus
  • Understanding space, size, objects and distance. (physical in VR)
  • Understanding asset management and file handling (hardware)
  • Building a narrative and workflows
  • Concept, design and working efficiently
  • Recording exporting (2d) – photo, giff, video 2d, video 360
  • Exporting the file, (3d) animation, game design, VR and AR


Directing – Photography – Editing- Compositing- Colour Grading


Credits: Co Director, Art director, Principle Photography, On and off line editing.
Runtime: 78 min (Feature), 56 min (broadcast version)


Fight or Flight is a feature documentary that explores an Irish man’s physical and psychological journey through the art and culture of Muay Thai Boxing in Thailand.

Nominated for Best Editing at IFTA (Irish Film and Television Awards) 2009
Winner: Best Foreign Documentary – Long Island Film Festival, New York (2008)
Winner: Best Documentary: Radar Hamburg International Film Festival (2008)
Winner: Best Documentary for Artistic Expression: TVIFF Film Festival California (2008)
Winner: Best Documentary “Making a Difference Award” : Commffest Toronto (2008)
Best Feature Films Showcase: Moving Images Film Festival (2008)
Nominated for MAMA Awards: MAMA Awards Ireland (2008)
Nominated for Best Documentary: BIFF Wisconsin (2008)


Opening Sequence



Credits:  Director 5 camera  live event.

Gee Atherton (Downhill World Champion) takes on 400 Irish mountain bikers down a mountain in Ireland for Red Bull Foxhunt. My no 1 hobby is DH MTB so it was a dream job to work with Redbull and legend Richie Byrne, race designer and godfather of Irish MTB.



Concept Design – Illustration- Animation – Editing – Compositing


Credits: Technical Director, Artist, Compositor, Editor

Written by Andrew Millington, preformed by Andy Millington and Dave Fitzgerald.

The animation features a mix of photography, traditional drawing and 3D modelling all mixed together in a final composition of mood and atmosphere delivers though a powerful musical score
Runtime: 58+ min