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This is another favourite. I painted this after a trip to Italy where I was invited with ten other film makers to make a film in the mountain and then show it to the people in the village. We each had ten days to find, Film and produce a short film. Before going I knew I wanted to work with something with local customs. I tried to find something that would be the Italian equivalent of a Banshee. I eventually found a poem that was written at the start of the 19th century and it was about a house at the base of the hills of the village and it was said to be haunted.
While shooting local areas around the village we were then invited to a traditional slaughter of the pig. In this region in the remote mountains the local pig farmers traditionally slaughter a pig and then offer a feast to family, friends and other farmers. I filmed the event for the short piece I was working on and in used an only a part of it in the film. One of the last frames I recorded was this picture. For me, the title ‘ A reconstruction of a deconstructed pig’ suggests the bond between farmers and neighbours and in some way makes a memory of the pig.

Reconstruction of a Deconstructed Pig sketch 1
Reconstruction of a Deconstructed Pig sketch 1
Rough for Detail
Rough for Detail
Near the end
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