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A few months ago, in November 2018, I headed off to Kurdistan in Northern Iraq to work with young people in the internally displaced camps very near the turkey and Syrian Border. It was quite the trip and very eye opening to the plight of the Yazzidi Kurds in the region. I met the friendliest people who were welcoming and kind who live and deal with the hardships after years of war.

The work shops included a two classes per day to accommodate different groups and classes would normally be after school hours.

The trip was arranged by Calvin and Andrew from Syrias Vibes and the SCOOP Foundation. Both are registered Irish charities that do great work at home and abroad.

A little bit about Syrias Vibes and SCOOP

Syrias Vibes was created after SCOOP co-founder Calvin James volunteered there for 6 months in 2016 as a medic / ambulance driver.

Initially the campaign focused around supporting ambulances, doctors, clinics & medicines, the campaign is now involved with Joint Help for Kurdistan (JHK) who work largely in the Bajed Kandala Camp for displaced persons on the Iraqi border with Syria, home to 11,000 Yazidis who’s city (Sinjar) was destroyed 5 years ago.

In 2018, Syrias Vibes began creating programmes and initiatives that aimed to help those suffering from PTSD, especially them women and children. There is a Psychology Programme and in November we created an Arts Programme and workshop, after learning there were children who were finding it hard to express themselves, and some others who were 6 or 7 and had never drawn or painted in their lives.

I owe a big thanks to Calvin and Andy From the vibes, The guys at Joint Help For Kurdistan who are working on the ground at the camp. A very big thanks to Eamon Doyle for the camera and lense and Quintan from the army of Id  For the microphone.   Also sponcers Evans art supplies and Berlin Bar Dublin. Another big thanks goes to Camille nd terry at Virtual Reality ireland for all the help with the VR. ou can watch some VR taken at the camp below

Stencil painting


You can donate to Syrias Vibes on the website or follow them on social media to find about events, gigs, competitions, and art auctions.

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VR 360

Short films taken at the camp that show a litleabout the life there.
This first film is with an English class with Kyla and Jordan from the USA. the two had volountered to go to the camp and teach and the guys at the camp seemd to love the classes.

VR 360

The camp is devided in two by the main hihway route between Isatanbul and Bagdad. The trafic is non stop and fatalities on the road are around 2 a month.  the Kkids in the camp we satyed in would cross this road to get to the school in the ther part of the camp.


Tents at the camp
Kids at the camp
night drawing
Paniting oranges
At class
Slide 1
plastic slide
Day on the hill
kids jumping
kids and umbrella