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Space lace at BussyFeet and Coco cafe


So today is the day. A while ago Steve Kemp asked me if I was interested in doing a show for the relaunch of the KEMP gallery at Gallery X on South William street. I knew I had some old oil work and thought It would be a great opportunity to do something new. I had an idea of what I wanted to paint and so tried a few things over the next weeks.

The show is starting today, 12th of May at 5 o clock. I’ve called the exhibition ‘That space in between’. That space in between is the moment after you leave, but before you get there.It’s a place were a lot of people go at some point.
For me, it’s  the feeling I  get after starting a painting and then not knowing how it’s going end up. I think a lot of people experience this ‘void’ of uncertainty at some point in their lives and I want my spacemen/women represent that in some way.

I  want to say a big thank you to Steve at the KEMP gallery for suggesting the show. It put me in a position of forcing myself into a different workflow and gave me some great results. It was a challenge for me to push myself to think and paint differently and although the painting styles changed over the 6 weeks I’m very happy with the results I got in the end.


Shane Sutton Spacelace
Photo Credit: Steve Kemp

The Show is a mix of oil, acrylic, and aerosol on various sized canvas.
Details of the show are:

The KEMP gallery / Gallery X

2nd floor – 65 South William Street, Dublin 2.

Opens : Friday 12th May , 5pm – 8pm.

Closes: June 10th.


Drinks on the night will be provided by Hope Beer, a brewery based in Howth. In advance of tasting their lovely brews you can peruse their new website at:

Hope Beer Kemp Gallery




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